// Startups aus Starterkitchen #startupSH

Seit 2014 sind in der starterkitchen.de oder mit Unterstützung
von opencampus.sh folgende Startups entstanden.


  • Happy 1st of May! We hope all of you spent
  • Beautiful marieloudit cruising through Hamburg with fixeurstudios cycle bag mount
  • Sieht fast so aus als htte uns unsere gestrige Veranstaltung
  • Want to spend your sunday cycling? Grab a friend
  • With only 30g total weight the Fixeur is only half
  • Another day at the Office visidderbareher madeinkolding officevibe kreativehoveder sesphavnen
  • Have a look at this sleek cycle and fixeurstudios handmade
  • tb to colder days on this busy day of shooting
  • Happy fathers day from fixeurstudios to all great and caring
  • All prepared to launch fixeurstudios kickstarter on 1st of June!!
  • HAPPY MOTHERS DAY   Make sure to sign up
  • SENSATIONELL Repost lillebeer starterkitchen  Ladies n Gentlemen! Were brewing